About our company

Next Tier


Our Consumer operations focus on setting new benchmarks in customer experience to cement the Group's position as the leading provider of next-generation communication, infotainment, and technology services to consumers and small businesses across Thailand.

We serve consumers through our global associates and world-leading technology partners. Like CAT Thailand, True Thailand, PCCW Hong Kong, Singtel, AWS, Google, Zoom, VMWare, and are all established brands in their global markets and share our commitment to continually invest in our brands, networks, processes to deliver a superior customer experience.


Next Tier Enterprise provides companies and governments with comprehensive and integrated ICT solutions that cover mobile, voice, and data infrastructure, managed services, cloud computing, Software-defined Networks, Software-Defined Data Centre, IT services and professional consulting.

Our suite of ICT solutions is backed up by an extensive data network and infrastructure that spans across key business cities.

Digital Life

Next Tier Digital Life drives the Group's efforts to be at the forefront of the digital economy. It focuses on opportunities in digital transformation, digital infrastructure, and digital services. Our infrastructure As a Services, Platform As a Services and Software As a Services, Unified Communications As a Services are pivotal to transform Myanmar in many better ways.

We aims to create and seize opportunities that add value to the offerings of the core business, while helping customers discover new and amazing experiences through digital services.